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A Service Member Accused of a Crime? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fight It Alone

Dealing with legal issues can be a nightmare, especially for those in the military. The law is much different, but essential constitutional rights must be preserved. This is where having the right legal guidance can be a difference between the end of your career as a service member and something that is just one small obstacle in your advancement … Read more

Tactical Plate Carriers – How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

Soldier Wears Tactical Plate Carrier

Choosing the right tactical plate carrier is a crucial decision for anyone involved in law enforcement, military operations, security detail, or even recreational activities like paintball or airsoft. A tactical plate carrier not only offers protection by holding armor plates but also provides essential support for carrying gear and supplies effectively. As the demands on … Read more

What is the Hardest Branch of the Military? Evaluating Each Service’s Rigor

Hardest US Branches

When discussing which branch of the military is the hardest, it’s important to consider various aspects, including physical training, mental rigor, and the overall requirements for enlistment. Each branch offers unique challenges and defining what makes one harder than another can be highly subjective. Regardless of the military branch, soldiers often receive Military Challenge Coins … Read more