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Count Cesare Fani

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 10th March 2006. Registration No. 0035.

Arms: Sky proper a roman temple Or with sinister a cypress Vert issuing from a terrain proper, charged by a bar Azure with a five-pointed star Argent.

Motto:  Mens animosa valet ferro si vincta corusco.

Recognition: Vatican Court Decree 30 January 2006,

Ruling pontifical elevation of Royal Letters Patent granted by HM Umberto II on 15 Sept. 1963 unto the Hon. Amedeo Fani; confirming succession below with right of transmission to all descendants.

The arms of Count Cesare Fani

These arms were originally assumed in the XVIII century and subsequently augmented by converting the field from Azure to sky proper and including a bar Azure (unification of Italy through the colour of the Royal House of Savoy) with a star Argent (a silver medal of military valour received during WWI).

Lineage:  Cesare Fani, Lawyer, Assistant Prof. penal law (Uni. Perugia), MP (1886-†), Undersecretary (1897-98) and Minister of Justice (1910-11), Vice President Chamber of Deputies (1912-13), GC Sts Maurice and Lazzarus, KC Crown Italy, Honourary Citizen Assisi, LL. DD. honoris causa antecessor (Uni. Perugia), b. Perugia 5 Feb. 1844 † Palermo 5 Feb. 1914, m. (1stly) Perugia 25 Apr. 1872 Anna née Rotondi, b. Perugia 7 Jan 1851 † Perugia 9 Dec. 1881 (dau. Domenico, Civil Law Notary, b. Perugia 1811 † Perugia 1901, and Laura née Antonini), and had issue:

1. Angelo, Lawyer, Prof. constitutional law, KO Crown Italy, b. Perugia 20 Apr. 1873 † Rome 10 Jun. 1943, m. Genoa 21 Jun. 1921 Emilie Macciò, b. Marseille (France) 1874 † Genoa 1954, without issue;
2. Camillo, b. Perugia 20 Jun. 1875 † Perugia 20 Jul. 1875;
m. (2ndly) Rome 22 Jun. 1887 Iginia née Rossi, b. Perugia 25 Feb. 1856 † Perugia 5 Jun. 1895 (niece HE Mons. Federico Foschi, Archbishop of Perugia, Domestic Prelate and Assistant Papal Throne HH Leo XIII, b. Perugia 1834 † Perugia 1895), and had issue:

1. Anna, b. Perugia 16 Apr. 1888 † Gineva (Switz.) 5 Apr. 1921, m. Perugia 10 Oct. 1909 Paolo Bensa, Engineer, Councillor of Empoli, b. Genoa 14 Jan. 1875 † Genoa 29 Dec. 1963 (son Enrico, Lawyer, Prof. commercial maritime law (Uni. Genoa), Director Institute Economics Genoa, GO Crown Italy, b. Genoa 1848 † Genoa 1931, and Anna née Solari, † Genoa 1908);

2. Count Amedeo, Lawyer, MP (1925-43), Undersecretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1929-32), Quaestor Chamber of Deputies (1934-43), Colonel Italian Army (reserve), silver medal military valour, war merit cross, GC St Gregory the Great, GO Sts Maurice and Lazzarus, GC Crown Italy, GC Colonial Star Italy, GC Skanderbeg Italian Kingdom Albania, K Vittorio Veneto, GC Crown Belgium, GC North Star Sweden, GC St Alexander Bulgaria, GC Crown Romania, GC White Eagle Serbia, GC White Lion Czechoslovakia, GC Merit Austria, GC Merit Regency Hungary, GC Merit Portugal, GC Three Stars Latvia, GC St Agatha San Marino, GC Cross Boyacà Columbia, GO Merit Chile, GO Liberator Venezuela, Honourary Citizen New Orléans (USA), Honourary Guard Royal Tombs Pantheon, b. Perugia 9 Feb. 1891 † Perugia 9 Sept. 1974, m. Assisi 27 Jul. 1929 Elvira Francesca née Biancardi, b. Mantova 12 Feb. 1908 † Rome 4 Nov. 1986 (dau. Vittore, KC Crown Italy, b. Mantova 1877 † Siena 1925, and Caterina née Battistoni, b. Mantova 1877 † Gubbio 1966), and had issue:


Count Cesare, Head Surgeon San Giovanni Hospital Rome (retired), Prof. clinical and semeiotic surgery (Uni. Rome La Sapienza), b. Rome 14 Nov. 1931, m. (1stly) Rome 20 Jun. 1963 Carla née Borga, b. Rome 27 Feb. 1933 † Rome 28 Sept. 1990 (dau. HE Guido, Ambassador of Italy, Lieutenant Italian Army (reserve), war merit cross, GC Merit Italy, K Sts Maurice Lazzarus, KC Crown Italy, b. San Vito Chietino 1898 † Rome 1975, and Maria Luigia née Albertini, b. Brescia 1898 † Rome 1961), without issue; m. (2ndly) Rome 4 Jun. 1994 Aurelia née Cordero of the Marquises of Montezemolo*, Lieutenant Italian Red Cross Voluntary Nurses Corps, D Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem, b. Rome 6 May 1948 (dau. Roberto*, Commodore Royal Italian Navy, submarine Cdr, K Crown Italy, K Vittorio Veneto, Honourary Guard Royal Tombs Pantheon, b. Mondovì 1899 † Agello di Magione 1983, and Federica née Vicarelli, b. Turin 1910 † Perugia 2003), and adopted 20 Jun. 1996 their nephew (filius ex sorore uxoris):


Count Cillian Roberto Fani Ó Broin, MA (TCD), MA (Uni. Perugia), Lieutenant Italian Carabinieri Corps (reserve), b. Perugia 12 Aug. 1976 (son HE Gearóid Ó Broin, Ambassador of Ireland, GC Pius IX, b. Mallow (Ireland) 21 May 1940, and Roberta née Cordero of the Marquises of Montezemolo*, b. Trieste 29 Aug. 1941)

* See entry for Roberto Cordero of the Marquises of Montezemolo.

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The Armorial Bearings of Count Cesare Fani